About Me


I started writing HTML & CSS in the mid-1990s when the Internet was just starting to take off, and the “dot com boom” was on the horizon. I’ll never forget the the joy of reading my first Eric Meyer book, and the intensity of diving into PHP & MySQL 2nd Edition!

I naturally moved into PHP and JavaScript as it became clear to me that my long term career goal was to be a developer; though I spent many years working in hardware sales, web hosting, SEO and PPC along the way before settling down to a career at the digital coal-face so to speak.

These days I spend the bulk of my time writing PHP, ES6 and ReactJS, but haven’t lost my passion for good old semantic & accessible HTML markup and well crafted (S)CSS! I’ve also become a bit of a workflow, tooling and more recently DevOps nerd; because I’m a sucker for efficiency and automation.

My typical week will see me working on a variety of WordPress and WooCommerce projects with varying degrees of complexity and customisation in the form of themes, plugins and custom integrations for clients.

Time permitting I also work on several free plugins and side projects to give back to the WordPress/WooCommerce community; because I love Open Source software and like to contribute something back.

Although I’ve been on a bit of a break lately due to the birth of my son, I occasionally speak at local and regional WordPress events.


First and foremost am a devoted husband to my wife Sarah whom I married in May 2018, father to my baby son Henry and step-son Jon-Paul and owner of my dog Chewie; my faithful Shi-Tzu sidekick and co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon.

I’m a huge TV & Film nerd, especially for all things sci-fi/fantasy/comic book. I enjoy reading, particularly espionage novels by the likes of John le Carré and political & military non-fiction.

I do martial arts twice a week, where I have achieved Purple Belt (4th Kyu) in the style of Freestyle Karate Jitsu, which includes me teaching children as young as three years old; something I find to be incredibly rewarding.

Generally, I try to keep my all-round fitness up wherever possible. I enjoy training with kettlebells and as well as doing HIIT cardio several times per week at the gym, take the odd military fitness class, and take part in my local Park Run every Saturday morning. I enjoy running and trekking for charity whenever and wherever possible!

I’ve recently become a huge fan of mindfulness, both in practical and general terms, so I try to meditate for 5-10 days each day to keep my mind clear and focused.